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Meet Cadense

Cadense is a variable friction shoe designed to improve biomechanics and speed for those with walking disabilities.  

Cadense Shoe
I love the shoes

Without Limits
Without Compromise

The shoes let me relax



How Cadense Works

Friction is key to our mobility. While most shoes are made to achieve high friction at all times, those with walking disabilities require a more dynamic solution – Cadense’s sole is the solution.

High Friction

When the wearer is standing, the high friction regions of the sole are engaged so that you can confidently maintain your balance.

Low Friction

When the wearer is in motion, the low friction regions prevent your foot from catching during foot swing, a major obstacle for many walking disabilities.

Shoe sole
Toe Rocker

Sole Rocker

The curvature of the front end of Cadense’s sole is precisely tuned to allow for an unencumbered step. Being confident that your toe will not drag or catch is key to achieving full-confidence mobility.

Compliant Foam

Resiliant and Compliant Foam

A soft, forgiving foam allows you stay comfortable longer. A resiliant foam will ensure that the shoe can stand up to the rigors of everyday wear.

Fuss-free Entry

For some, traditional shoe entry mechanisms present a substantial challenge. Cadense makes it simple with a tie-free zip and Velcro system.

A People-First Product

The positive impact of Cadense is powerful, and the effect Cadense has on individuals is our most important measure of success.

It takes less energy to walk in these shoes, especially if I shuffle. A 1/8-inch nub on the ground would normally cause me to fall, but not with these shoes, they slide right over it. The Cadense shoes let me relax just a little bit more. I swear by the shoe

C – Multiple Sclerosis

I love the shoes now more than when I started, my walking speed has increased nearly 3x using these shoes for one month. For me, it’s about consistent training with the shoes, doing it every day, focusing on improving the way I walk. The low friction mode allows me to focus on straighter steps.

K – Stroke