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The shoe that moves how you do.

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5 reviews for Cadense Shoe

  1. Chad

    It takes less energy to walk in these shoes, especially if I shuffle. A 1/8-inch nub on the ground would normally cause me to fall, but not with these shoes, they slide right over it. The Cadense shoes let me relax just a little bit more. I swear by the shoe

  2. Kevin

    I love the shoes now more than when I started, my walking speed has increased nearly 3x using these shoes for one month. For me, it’s about consistent training with the shoes, doing it every day, focusing on improving the way I walk. The low friction mode allows me to focus on straighter steps.

  3. Forest (verified owner)

    I have spastic diplegia which gives me the drop foot gait. This shoe has been a game changer in terms of my walking ability. The ski on the shoe makes it easier to not trip, especially on my left side that I tend to drag my foot more. When I first put on the shoe, I noticed a difference from my everyday store-bought shoe. I was able to walk faster and over longer distances without getting worn out. I don’t have to concentrate so much on walking when I’m wearing the shoe and it even encourages me to get out and walk more.

  4. Jim (verified owner)

    This shoe is made for people with special walking needs. Before my surgery, I had a serious drop foot problem and it was one that was corrected by surgery, but since there was a small chance I still have some issues, I was pleased to be given the chance to try them out. After about 3 months walking in the shoes, I was able to ascertain how comfortable they were from day one. Several times people commented on how nice they look. After my surgery, I now walk pretty fast without much of a foot drop, so my walking disability reduced, and my gait speed was naturally fast. As such, I didn’t really need the features provided by this shoe, but I could see the way they are constructed, they would probably be very beneficial for people with special needs. The construction is great. After months of use, they looked as though they were never used. I hope they will be very beneficial to those with special needs.

  5. Mary Anne (verified owner)

    My mom uses these shoes. She’s 90 years old. In her words, “Wow, these shoes are a blessing, I don’t have to use my cane, I am so stable, I can’t believe it.” Of course, we still want her to use her cane. For her, it was a little scary going down stairs with these shoes to start but it was fine going up the stairs. Regardless, she does it multiple times per day without problems. She still lives independently and enjoys the freedom of movement that she gets using these shoes at home. Mom uses these shoes mainly on carpet at home, but she also wore them to the grocery store. They make a clicking noise on hard floors if her toe taps, but mom doesn’t care. For older people living at home with difficulty moving around due to neuropathy or shuffle gait, my mom has both, I would highly recommend these shoes.

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