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So, who is Cadense for?

The Cadense shoe is for anyone who has trouble clearing the the ground during the “swing phase” of walking.  In other words, for someone who has trouble advancing the foot forward between steps.  Advancing the foot forward during swing is something that is commonly difficult for all of us as we age, and presents a common problem for people with neurological or physical injury or disease.  The Cadense shoe has been worn by people with:

How will it help me?

The Cadense shoe has been worn for two distinct purposes, depending on the intent.

Restorative Exercise

Use Cadense to train at home or any restorative facility.  Practice your rhythmic walking pattern without the fear of catching a toe and tripping.  It is our recommendation to practice walking with Cadense at least 15 minutes per day for at least 5 days per week.  As your confidence grows, extend your training sessions.                                      

Everyday walking

Reduce the fear of foot scuffing and get moving.  A common thing we see with people who use walkers, and those who have Parkinson’s, MS or other afflictions is a shuffle gait.  For this type of gait, catching the foot could cause a fall.  The fear of catching the foot also can reduce the desire to walk due to the anxiety and difficulty clearing the floor with each step.  

How do I use it?

Just walk!  We have found that most people adapt and feel comfortable within a few minutes.  Others need about a week to feel fully confident zipping around in the Cadense shoes.